Ages ago I wrote a simple site, Hold This, which was built for simplifying temporary file storage.

I wont go into why it exists right now, but lets just say you have a file you need to put somewhere for a day or two. You just need a site to "hold this file" for a bit, but you dont have the patience to fuss with S3CMD and get IAM configured properly. That is where this tool comes in.

It is published on packagist, and the source can be found at GitLab. Contributions are welcome, as always.

You can install the package globally via composer so you have access to it no matter where in your filesystem you are.

composer global require judahnator/hold-this-cli

Once you have that you just need to grab your API key from the site. You can use this command to inject the key into your app:

holdthis set:api_key your_api_key_here

After all that you can use the app.

# To list your files
holdthis ls

# To upload files
holdthis put your_file.txt your_other_file.txt

# To download a file get its ID from the 'ls' command
holdthis get 4