I was working on a site where I needed the user to be able to edit various site settings. Since these settings needed to be user editable placing them in an .env file was not an option. Being a simple key/value store I didnt think that it justified needing a whole application model either.

I was inspired by the way WordPress handles its generic site options. Being able to type get_option('foo') is surprisingly convinient. I thought I would try to emulate that functionality, while being as flexible as possible with how the data was stored.

I decided that since this was a problem I saw from time to time I would write a library to do this for me. A day or two later, the Laravel Option project was born.

I wont go over exactly how to use it here, all of its functionality is documented in the projects readme file. I just hope that someone out there finds this library as useful as I do.

As with all of my other public libraries, you can find it on packagist.