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Server Canyon

posted 7 12 2017 in Professional Work

Whoever said hosting your own website had to be expensive was a great liar. In fact, hosting your own site can be as cheap as a single cup of coffee per month!

Of course if you plan on being the next Netflix or Facebook you will have to re-evaluate your budget, but for the most part you can get by without selling off your firstborn son.

Here at Server Canyon, our job is to make hosting your projects as simple and easy as possible, all while not breaking the bank. This means no setup or cancellation fees. Our starter package is as little as $5/month.

The Sodium Ranch

posted 7 12 2017 in Professional Work

What is The Sodium Ranch? According to a quick excerpt from their website:

The Sodium Ranch is a polyvalent entertainment company based in Brooklyn, NY. Founded in 2009, The Ranch is a home base and incubator for works in cinema, photography and fine art.

They approached me asking if I could do some work for them. They rent out equipment to their customers, but their store needed some work.

The first problem was that the store owners had a hard time telling what items were profitable, what items were frequently out of stock, and when items were rented most often. I built them a simple reporting system to give them this basic information.

I also added the ability to drag-and-drop store categories, as well as reorder both store and portfolio items.

Overall a rather straightforward project, but I definitely enjoyed working with all the people involved.