Judah Wright

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Hold This

posted 7 12 2017 in Open Source

I made this site with a friend in mind. He needed to make frequent off-site backups of one of his servers, but had an incredibly slow Internet connection and aggressive bandwidth caps. He had a bash script to upload files to DropBox, but it was slow and cumbersome.

We were talking about the problem one day and he mentioned that he wished there was a site out there that he could just tell to “Hold This” file for a little bit. And thus the site was born.

The site is not meant to be too complicated. It has a simple web interface, an easy to use API, and that’s it.

The site can be viewed at https://holdthis.net/, the project is open source and is viewable on GitLab

Server Canyon

posted 7 12 2017 in Professional Work

Whoever said hosting your own website had to be expensive was a great liar. In fact, hosting your own site can be as cheap as a single cup of coffee per month!

Of course if you plan on being the next Netflix or Facebook you will have to re-evaluate your budget, but for the most part you can get by without selling off your firstborn son.

Here at Server Canyon, our job is to make hosting your projects as simple and easy as possible, all while not breaking the bank. This means no setup or cancellation fees. Our starter package is as little as $5/month.