Judah Wright

A collection of my work

Laravel Options

posted 11 04 2018 in Open Source

For a brief rundown on exactly why this library came into being, you can check out the blog post I wrote about it.

The short version it is an object oriented approach to storing and retrieving general site options. It is as simple as the following:

\Option::set('setting name', 'setting value');
echo \Option::get('setting name', 'default value'); // prints "setting value"

This library comes pre-packaged with a bunch of different drivers for maximum compatibility. If none of the default drivers work for you, you can use your own by implementing a simple interface also included in the library.

You can check it out on both Packagist and GitLab.

The Sodium Ranch

posted 7 12 2017 in Professional Work

What is The Sodium Ranch? According to a quick excerpt from their website:

The Sodium Ranch is a polyvalent entertainment company based in Brooklyn, NY. Founded in 2009, The Ranch is a home base and incubator for works in cinema, photography and fine art.

They approached me asking if I could do some work for them. They rent out equipment to their customers, but their store needed some work.

The first problem was that the store owners had a hard time telling what items were profitable, what items were frequently out of stock, and when items were rented most often. I built them a simple reporting system to give them this basic information.

I also added the ability to drag-and-drop store categories, as well as reorder both store and portfolio items.

Overall a rather straightforward project, but I definitely enjoyed working with all the people involved.

Hold This

posted 7 12 2017 in Open Source

I made this site with a friend in mind. He needed to make frequent off-site backups of one of his servers, but had an incredibly slow Internet connection and aggressive bandwidth caps. He had a bash script to upload files to DropBox, but it was slow and cumbersome.

We were talking about the problem one day and he mentioned that he wished there was a site out there that he could just tell to “Hold This” file for a little bit. And thus the site was born.

The site is not meant to be too complicated. It has a simple web interface, an easy to use API, and that’s it.

The site can be viewed at https://holdthis.net/, the project is open source and is viewable on GitLab


posted 7 12 2017 in Open Source

This was a SUPER simple library I wrote that does some simple math and conversions between machine-readable file sizes and human-readable file sizes.

This plugin is used on the Hold This site, as well as a few other smaller projects.

You can do some nifty stuff with it, for example:

echo Bytes::make(512)->add('512B')->pretty; // 1.00kB

You can find more information on it on its GitHub page, as well as on Packagist.

Discord HTTP Wrapper

posted 7 12 2017 in Open Source

This is  ground-up custom built library to act as a wrapper for Discords RESTful API.

You can find more information on the project on its GitHub Page, but the short version is it lets your code talk to Discord.

For example:

$Channel = judahantor\DiscordHttpWrapper\Channel::find(1234567890);
$Channel->id; // 1234567890
$Channel->name; // TestChannel
$Channel->guild; // The guild the channel belongs to
$Channel->messages; // The 50 most recent messages in this channel
$Channel->sendMessage("Foo bar baz"); // Sends message, returns the message object

Simple Twitch.TV Widget

posted 6 12 2017 in Open Source

The Simple Twitch.TV Widget is exactly what the name implies. It is a very

straight-forward, easy to use, and configurable front-end widget generator.

The entirety of what the widget does, is show if a user is online or not. If the

user in question is online, it will give a preview of their stream and a link

to their stream. If they are offline, it will simply place a placeholder image