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posted 7 12 2017 in Personal Projects

This is an older project, but I host and manage the UOLTT website.

Basically, we are a group of gamers with WAY too much free time on our hands. To the point where we are developing mobile apps, market crawlers, and crowd-sourced intelligence information.

You can also check out its beta site, but there is not too much there at the moment.

Still very much an ongoing project, I hope to be able to share more information on my portfolio soon!

WP API Categories + Tags

posted 6 12 2017 in Personal Projects

This plugin will allow the inclusion of a given posts categories and tags in both reading from and writing to the WP REST API.

I have also included a few of my own endpoints, (found at: /wp-json/e_ct/v1/) “categories” and “tags.” These endpoints will print out all
 categories on that site, and if you provide a post ID it will give you the categories/tags for that post.

 For future compatibility I have prefixed everything with “e_”
 This is so if the WordPress team eventually supports this functionality, this plugin will not interfear with their API

Simple Twitch.TV Widget

posted 6 12 2017 in Open Source

The Simple Twitch.TV Widget is exactly what the name implies. It is a very

straight-forward, easy to use, and configurable front-end widget generator.

The entirety of what the widget does, is show if a user is online or not. If the

user in question is online, it will give a preview of their stream and a link

to their stream. If they are offline, it will simply place a placeholder image