Author: Judah Wright

  • Operation Spring Camp

    In our preparation for a grand adventure we took our camper trailer to Spring Valley for a weekend. The night before we left we brought the trailer home to charge the batteries and load up. Then came the big day. We set out early to go de-winterize the water systems. We partially filled our fresh…

  • Fermented Honey Garlic

    So my wife and I subscribe to a service called Every Plate. It’s a meal delivery service that sends you groceries for home-cooked meals every week. Its pretty great, but instead of sending just a few cloves of garlic where needed they send an entire head. This isn’t a huge deal, we eat a lot…

  • Refurbishing Old Switch

    You might have read in the datacenter diary that a switch was failing, it had a bad fan. Clearly the device had to go, but I had hopes of refurbishing it. If anything, its a test-run of doing more of this. Just out of curiosity I popped the lid open. The fans look like pretty…

  • Growing Oysters

    Growing Oysters

    I wanted to try my hand at growing oyster mushrooms. They are tasty and supposedly easy to grow. It cant be that hard, right? This blog post isn’t meant to be a comprehensive guide on how to do this, you can find better instructions on YouTube. If we try this again I’ll make a point…

  • Mushroom In December

    Mushroom In December

    It rained for a few days and these appeared apparently out of nowhere. Wild that they can grow so late in the year. Also featured, puppy snoots.

  • Yellow Mushroom

    Yellow Mushroom

    While out with my family gathering firewood, I stumbled upon some real nifty mushrooms. There must have been a hundred or more all growing out of one dead tree.

  • A Failing Switch

    Datacenter Diary #1 Im starting off a new category on my blog, “Datacenter Diary.” It basically just chronicles my adventures in the “Server Canyon” (or other) realm. In this post I recount dealing with our first major hardware failure. Hardware failure happens all the time, but this was a single-point-of-failure device. Our main backbone switch.…

  • Peas

    Thats it. Thats the post. Just some pea flowers.

  • Mushroom Picking

    It’s springtime and that means it is time to go pick mushrooms. Morels are my personal favorite. They grow anywhere (in North Idaho at least) where a wildfire burned through a forrest the previous year, and typically pop up once it hits 70F outside.If you ever wondered why people keep such a close eye on…