Fermented Honey Garlic

So my wife and I subscribe to a service called Every Plate. It’s a meal delivery service that sends you groceries for home-cooked meals every week. Its pretty great, but instead of sending just a few cloves of garlic where needed they send an entire head.
This isn’t a huge deal, we eat a lot of garlic, but we have had the service for months and we have had a slowly growing pile of unused garlic on the counter. Finally it reached a tipping point where I decided we either had to use the garlic or throw it away because some was starting to go bad.

So, honey fermented garlic. I stumbled on the idea online and thought it might be the perfect way to preserve some of our surplus. So how do you do it? I will explain!

First you peel your garlic. Pro garlic tip, if you slightly crush it with the flat side of a knife you can peel it easier. Anyways, peel garlic to your hearts content and stick it in a jar.

Next, pour raw honey over the top of the garlic and use enough that the garlic is completely covered. It will want to float and that’s OK, but you want enough honey to completely cover the garlic when submerged.

The last step is to put the jar in a cabinet with the lid loosely screwed on. As the garlic ferments it will put off gasses, and if the lid is too tight you will end up with a honey bomb. You might want to check on it every day or two and burp the jar just in case.

After about two weeks it will be ready. You now have fermented garlic and garlic-infused honey. Enjoy!


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