Well, not really first.

I am starting over with my blog. I liked where I was going and the direction I had with my old blog, but since it wasn’t maintained it fell into disrepair. The point of the blog was to be a flashy “look I’m smart” for job recruiters, but screw them. I want to blog about things that make me happy darn it! Besides, the framework it was using went proprietary and it was time to move on.
Despite my efforts to find another suitable blogging platform, even considering building my own, I gave up and decided that WordPress was good enough. After all, I am using it as a blogging platform right?

Fret not, you can still view the old blog on in all its monochrome glory.

So what is new? Well I am hoping to pick things back up with more recent projects and doings. Stay tuned for more 🙂


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