Refurbishing Old Switch

Authors Note

This post was abandoned in a pending state for a bit over a year. To be honest, since I was not successful I was a little disheartened from posting it. I changed my mind though, the post is worth publishing anyways, despite the failure. So here it is-

You might have read in the datacenter diary that a switch was failing, it had a bad fan. Clearly the device had to go, but I had hopes of refurbishing it. If anything, its a test-run of doing more of this.

Just out of curiosity I popped the lid open. The fans look like pretty standard 40mm fans. I can feel there is a ton of dust and gunk jamming one of the fans, so it’s definitely dead.

Honestly its a lot smaller than I expected
Looking at the fans model numbers

It looks like these are readily available on AliExpress and eBay, so for $12 I grabbed a pair. They ship from mainland China so it took a week or five but it eventually arrived.

Unfortunately, after powering the device back on there was a snap and a pop and a wisp of blue smoke. No activity on the fans and the console port won’t light up.

It looks like this device is destined for the dumpster. They cant all be winners.


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